Dubsado vs 17hats: A Comparative Review

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Dubsado vs 17hats: A Comparative Review

In the realm of business management tools tailored for small businesses and entrepreneurs, Dubsado and 17hats emerge as prominent platforms. Both offer solutions designed to streamline operations, foster client relationships, and enhance productivity. Yet, their approaches and features vary, catering to different preferences and needs. This comparative review delves into the functionalities, user experience, pricing, and customer support of Dubsado and 17hats, aiming to provide insights that aid in choosing the most suitable platform for your business requirements.

Overview of Dubsado and 17hats

Dubsado and 17hats are comprehensive business management platforms that aim to simplify the administrative tasks of small businesses and freelancers. Dubsado focuses on a client-centric approach, offering robust features for client management, project tracking, invoicing, and automation. Its highly customizable workflows allow businesses to tailor the platform to their specific processes and client interactions.

17hats, on the other hand, emphasizes an all-in-one solution that combines project management, time tracking, quotes, contracts, invoicing, and bookkeeping. It is designed to reduce the complexity and time involved in managing various aspects of a business, providing users with a more streamlined experience.

Features Comparison

Client Management

Dubsado shines in the area of client management with its bespoke client portals, which offer a personalized client experience. It allows for detailed client profiles, along with the ability to send proposals, contracts, and invoices directly through the platform. Dubsado’s automation tools further enhance client interactions by enabling automated emails and follow-ups.

17hats also offers client management capabilities, but with a slightly different approach. It focuses on consolidating client information and communications in one place, making it easy to keep track of client details and history. However, it lacks the personalized client portals that Dubsado offers.

Project Management

Both Dubsado and 17hats provide project management features, but their emphasis differs. Dubsado offers a more detailed project tracking system, which enables users to manage tasks, set deadlines, and monitor progress within projects. It provides a more granular control over each project’s lifecycle.

17hats integrates project management with its other features like time tracking and invoicing, offering a more holistic view of each project. It’s particularly beneficial for users who prefer to have all pertinent project information accessible in one place without the need for extensive customization.

Invoicing and Bookkeeping

When it comes to invoicing and bookkeeping, 17hats offers a more integrated solution, combining accounting features directly within the platform. This integration simplifies financial management for small businesses, providing essential tools for tracking expenses, managing bills, and understanding financial health at a glance.

Dubsado, while having strong invoicing capabilities, focuses more on the invoicing and payment process rather than comprehensive bookkeeping. Its invoicing features are highly customizable, allowing for automated payment reminders and seamless payment options for clients.

User Experience

The user experience of a platform can significantly influence its effectiveness as a business tool. Dubsado is known for its flexibility and customization options, which, while powerful, can also introduce a steep learning curve for new users. However, once mastered, it allows for a highly tailored experience that can adapt to virtually any business process.

17hats prioritizes simplicity and ease of use, making it a great choice for businesses looking for a straightforward, no-frills platform. It may not offer the same level of customization as Dubsado, but it compensates with a user-friendly interface and quick setup process.


Pricing is another critical factor in choosing between Dubsado and 17hats. Dubsado offers a tiered pricing model, including a free trial and a free plan for up to three clients, with paid plans increasing in price based on the number of active clients and access to advanced features. In contrast, 17hats opts for a simple subscription-based model, offering monthly, annual, and two-year plans, with the price varying based on the length of the commitment and available features.

Customer Support

Both platforms provide extensive customer support through various channels, including email, live chat, and knowledge bases. Dubsado stands out with its user community and regular training webinars, which can be incredibly valuable for users looking to get the most out of the platform. 17hats, while offering competent support, may not have the same level of community engagement or educational resources as Dubsado.

Dubsado vs 17hats: FAQs

Which platform is better for freelancers: Dubsado or 17hats?

For freelancers, the choice between Dubsado and 17hats depends largely on the individual’s business needs and preference for customization. Dubsado is ideal for those who value detailed client management and customizable workflows, while 17hats might be better for freelancers looking for a simple, all-in-one solution with an emphasis on ease of use.

Can I integrate other apps or services with Dubsado and 17hats?

Yes, both Dubsado and 17hats offer integrations with other apps and services, albeit to different extents. Dubsado provides integrations with popular services like QuickBooks, Zapier, and Google Calendar, allowing for a broader customization and automation scope. 17hats also supports integrations, notably with QuickBooks, Google Calendar, and various payment processors, but its ecosystem is generally considered less extensive than Dubsado’s.

How does the automation functionality compare between Dubsado and 17hats?

Dubsado is renowned for its powerful and flexible automation capabilities, which allow users to set up complex workflows tailored to their business processes. This includes automated emails, scheduling, and task management, which can significantly reduce manual work. 17hats offers automation features as well, particularly around email communication and project workflows, but it may not be as comprehensive or customizable as Dubsado’s offerings.

Is Dubsado or 17hats more suitable for a team environment?

Both platforms can be used effectively in a team environment, though they offer different features to facilitate team collaboration. Dubsado’s role-based access controls and task assignments provide a robust framework for team collaboration and project management. 17hats, with its simpler interface, may be easier for teams to adopt quickly but might lack the depth of features needed for more complex team coordination. Ultimately, the choice would depend on the specific needs of the team, including the level of customization and control required.

What type of customer support can I expect from Dubsado and 17hats?

Dubsado and 17hats both offer extensive customer support options, including comprehensive knowledge bases, email support, and live chat. Dubsado stands out with its active user community and regular training webinars, which are great resources for both new and experienced users. 17hats, while offering solid support, places more emphasis on self-service resources. The choice between the two would depend on your preferred style of learning and support.

Can I try Dubsado or 17hats before committing to a paid plan?

Yes, both Dubsado and 17hats offer trial periods that allow you to test their platforms before making a financial commitment. Dubsado provides a free trial that gives full access to its features for a certain number of clients, while 17hats offers a limited free trial period during which you can explore its suite of tools. These trial periods are excellent opportunities to assess each platform’s suitability for your business needs.

How do Dubsado and 17hats handle data security?

Data security is a priority for both Dubsado and 17hats. Each platform employs advanced security measures, such as encryption and secure server infrastructure, to protect user data. They also comply with relevant privacy regulations to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of their users’ information. Detailed information about their security practices can typically be found on their respective websites.

Which platform is better for managing multiple businesses?

When it comes to managing multiple businesses, Dubsado offers a more flexible setup as it allows users to manage different brands within the same account, each with its own branding and workflows. This makes it easier to keep everything organized without needing to switch between accounts. 17hats, meanwhile, is more suited to managing a single business or brand per account. If you run multiple businesses, Dubsado’s approach may be more conducive to your needs.

In conclusion, both Dubsado and 17hats offer compelling features for small businesses and freelancers, albeit with different strengths. Your choice between them should be guided by your specific business needs, preference for customization versus simplicity, and budget. By considering the factors discussed in this review, you can select the platform that best aligns with your operational requirements and goals.


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